MYL Summer Linguistic Holidays 2018


Our Linguistic Holiday offers a range of residential and non-residential programmes both in the UK and France.

Our programmes aim to help children learn French through having fun and interacting with native leaders.

Language is best learnt through immersion and our programme provides your child or teenager an opportunity to:

  • Meet French native speakers
  • Create life time friendships and memories that will inspire their language learning experience.
  • Build practical life skills through our programme of fun activities in the French.
  • Increase their oral confidence through performing arts in French.

Whether your child is a total beginner in French or an advanced learner our activities provide opportunities to improve their confidence to speak through drama, role play and other practical workshops (Cooking, sports, film, art and outings).

Paris and Normandy Region

Our France Summer Camps will be hosted in Beauvais about 40km from Paris. The camp will consist of daily French lessons and workshops as well as travel across

Paris and the region of Normandy.

Our residential centre is set in the rich agricultural country side, close enough to the city of regular visits. Our staff will work with the young people to encourage French learning through indoor and outdoor workshops and activities. The young people will have the opportunity to make new friends from across the UK and those attending from Nigeria.



Beautiful Grounds of  Residence




Buildings of Campus




Our Priority for our residential visitors is a safe, friendly and cosy environment. We want to make everyone feel at home. This starts from the moment they wake up and continues until your child falls into an exhausted and happy sleep at the end of the day!


Our rooms are either single or double rooms and are allocated based on participants needs. Our commitment is that you have such an amazing day that you fall into an exhausted sleep at the end of the day.


Safety is always our number one priority and our staff are trained to place children’s safety above everything else.

We have our own safety system which includes the following:

  • All areas are safety checked before activities take place
  • Staff lock up every night
  • Staff undergo a rigorous training scheme before camp every year
  • Before camp, we carry out a suitability check against all staff. We use the Disclosure & Barring service (DBS) and the barred list to process these.

We have an experienced and qualified first aider on each site and possess our public liability insurance to cover all activities.


Dates:  Weds 15th August – Wednesday 29th August 2018

Non accompanied children must be 7 or over. You can travel as an individual or a family. 

Activities: French language workshops* Trip to Euro Disney Paris*Visit to Notre Dame de Paris *Visit French Market, Normandy Film/ Quiz nights at centre and much more

Cost:   £1300 ( Under 16;s) and £1500 (over 16s)


Price includes return travel, travel across Paris and Normandy, accommodation in our residential centre, meals, French workshops, local transport, entry to Euro Disney and other outings:

GROUP BOOKINGS: If you would like to book a group, please call us on 01702 875 684 or email

Key Information:

Terms and conditions


Have you ever visited France and found it hard to understand what people are saying? It is because you have probably only been exposed to text book French. This course will help you to understand how people really speak. ( e.g. « Chai pas de  voiture »- Je n’ai pas de voiture !)


*Food and Drink *Accommodation *Getting Around *About me *Restaurant

*Shopping *Asking for help *Being Polite *Transport *Money

The course runs for 10 hours between April and July. You can sign up at any time


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